Sunday, November 19, 2017

The purple pill #1 - The discomfort with truth

Here's a pop quiz - Which guy is more attractive?

Jeremy is a black man. Bill is a white guy. Jeremy was born in a poor family in Stockton California; Bill was blessed to a middle class family. Jeremy didn't go to college; Bill dropped out of Harvard. By his thirtieth birth day, Jeremy had been to jail and out for robbery, hitting kids, possession of firearms and grand theft; Bill became a billionaire and chairman of one of the biggest companies in the world.

Question - Who is more attractive to women?

Before we go ahead, let me tell you guys something - these men are real people. The latter is Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and the richest man in the history of human species. Philanthropist. Arguably, one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Thinking about all the pussy i'm going to slay

The first guy is Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon who turned male model after this mugshot of him went viral.
Umm..I'm a sensitive church-going gentleman

So i'll ask again - Who is attractive to women?

The point of this post is to emphasize - Women don't give a shit about your virtues, your character , how good of a man you are or how rich you are, when it comes to genuine desire. Hypergamy doesn't care.

You see, the male hierarchy is not a subjective thing; The hotness of a guy is not just something random in some female head. Specific facial characteristics, specific body types, specific behavioral cues, specific height ranges. Either you have it or you don't.

But if you don't, you can't change the rules of the game and say -

"Hey, i'm not good at all these criteria, but i'm great at all these other things. I dominate in my own field and am at the top of the hierarchy there. And since women are hypergamic and just go for top dogs, i must be hot in the eyes of women."

Yes, hypergamy scans for your rank in the male hierarchy, but it does so with your SMV. It doesn't care about any other hierarchies - Your moral standards, how good of a chess player you are, how much community service do you do. Bill Gates will do more good in this world than ten lives of Jeremy Meeks combined. It really doesn't matter to women though. This is a game with rules, which we mere mortals don't have control over; We are tiny little pieces on a board game.

And this is what is not understood mainstream. Take Jordan Peterson. He understands the idea of a male hierarchy (much to his credit; Most people don't).

And yet, he tries to rationalize it because otherwise life would be uncomfortable.

"As we moved forward, through six million years of time, men have become more and more well adapted not only to the presence of the male dominance hierarchy, but to the ability to move up it .. And that's the central spirit of the individual. The individual is the thing that can move up dominance hierarchies; It's the thing that's at the top .." -- Jordan Peterson.

This is false. Technically what is true is favorable phenotypical characteristics being amplified over significant scales of time. Take the example of height - If height favors sexual selection, then tall guys get laid and short guys don't. Thus the "tall genes" weed out the "short genes" and over a period of several thousands of year, the average height of all males (and females) goes up. Notice that i wrote all men - No single man has exponential advantage over a single generation.

What doesn't happen is that an individual gets to have a capacity to "move up the dominance hierarchy". No man was given a choice to be taller or even a potential; It was sealed at his conception - These things are immutable. The individual is not something which can move up the dominance hierarchy. The individual is a roll of dice; The biggest score wins and takes all.

There are two things which arise in the minds of unplugged when they encounter this fact and assimilate it.

First, can we do anything at all? Yes of course, we can. Some favorable traits are passed in potentials, for instance, your musculature. Work out hard in the gym and reach the top of your potential - There is no doubt you will look better than what you are right now and will be more attractive (remember though, gym isn't game). However your ceil is fixed by your genes and thus something immutable in the hierarchy. These traits we try to do our best and then let the chips fall.

Others we can hack. If there is an optimal facial symmetry and shape for human males, then depending on your facial shape, you can play around with different hairstyles and see which optimizes your looks. Same goes with your style, your personality (remember game) and even your accent if you travel. You can hack around with steroids; You can use nootropics. All sorts of stuff.

But there are always limits to everything, and those limits are immutable. You cannot escape the hierarchy.

The second point being, this doesn't sound very empowering. To which i would like to remind you - reality doesn't have to be empowering. It is what it is. It doesn't have to end well, and in most cases it doesn't. The expectation for a happy ending is a naive and potentially time wasting expectation; That's what feminists do. The world doesn't revolve around you; You revolve around the world. It's been here before you and will be there after you. Your, mine and everybody else's life is to try to do the best we can to get the things we need, want, love and cherish. The world will not care about our denials.

That's why, the purple pill will not help you. Yes, truth is uncomfortable, but what else can you do? Live in denial? You cannot substitute reality with your own idealism. If you don't even acknowledge the rules of the game, how can you expect to even survive? You won't and you will fail. Reality will come crashing and time will have passed.

And you'll have lived a life full of regrets. Then your story ends.

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