Monday, June 4, 2018

The dick experience

No, I didn't take a cock up my ass. By the dick experience, i'm talking here about the experience of being a man.

Everyone knows my opinion of Jordan Peterson - he is a purple pill beta male who doesn't know shit about contemporary sexual market place, and how to navigate it if you are a man. Frankly, every guy in manosphere who advocates for his trad-con dating tactics should be ashamed of himself : A clear mark, who learned nothing.

Anyway, enough about me hating on him: that's not what i'm here to do now. Being purple pill, he may be deluded on the cure, but he does have the lens of seeing things for what they are. The New York times did a hit piece on him recently, and there's a lot to unpack here, something i will leave for commentators more interested than me on these things. I do want to point out a snippet of the conversation.

“Half the men fail,” he says, meaning that they don’t procreate. “And no one cares about the men who fail.”
I laugh, because it is absurd.
“You’re laughing about them,” he says, giving me a disappointed look. “That’s because you’re female.”

 The journalist is laughing at him for telling it as it is - the harsh truth of the male hierarchy. But he is right. Nobody gives a damn about the looser males of the sexual market place. Incel is a feature of the pyramid, not a bug, and you can't make them go away, because there will always be a gap, no matter how marginally slim. There's always gonna be a gap, and that will make all the difference between beta and incel; No game or unplugging can close it.

So why am i bringing this up? We already know about female solipsism - she essentially doesn't understand nor does she care about the male condition, so such abject apathy shouldn't surprise us. What i'm reminding everyone here is this.

Never let a woman tell you how your own dick feels - the dick experience is your own.

 Women genuinely think they know what being a man feels like. What is good for the man. And what the man wants.

The reality is - she is wrong on every one of those. She doesn't know what being a man feels like. She doesn't know what's good for you. And she can never know what you want.

Her experience of life is radically different than you. Take this little gem here; Let me pull out one quote for you.

Crushed and needing to regroup, I took a sabbatical and lived in Bali for eight months on a healing journey. I was also celibate during my time there.

This is a post wall woman who is essentially worthless relative to her prime SMV years - a lot of her 'epiphany' being simple inability to compete with women better than her; She is the 'gamma male' of women.

And yet, her 'spiritual healing' is being celibate for eight months. That's it.

Eight months of celibacy in fifty years of existence and thus, in about thirty years of sex life. Voluntary celibacy. That's female tears for you.

A lot of men like to think the wall equalizes the female experience to the male experience. You look at Rollo's graph joyfully, to see male SMV maximize around thirty five, while female SMV tapers off like trees in fall. You convince yourself that it all balances itself in the end and both men and women have it equally good.

You are kidding yourself.

When it comes to sex, women will always have it better than the average man, even post wall. Granted, she will not get the exclusive commitment that she cherishes and will have to share space with her sisters, but she will still have a lot of sexual options. She will always have the better sex life than her male counterparts.

When you maximize your SMV, it will be relative to women your age. In your fifties, you will be able to spin plates by simply turning up, but the plates you spin won't be the twenty year old flat bellied belle who wants to bang the shit out of you (unless you're on seeking arrangement, in which case - more power to you). It will be hordes of post-wall wrinkled forties zombies, with at best fake tits and a good face lift.

Men always have a shittier sex life than women. Even if you are the master daygamer, your sex life will always be shittier than the women you bang. You go out, you get rejection after rejection, and then something happens every once in a while; She simply went to the grocery store, and now she has a new fuck buddy.

Always remember - the dick experience sucks. And she doesn't know fuck about it.

Her - You should not play the game - that's  evil!!

You - The dick experience sucks, so shut the fuck up.

Her - Commit and put a ring on it, because that's the right thing to do.

You - The dick experience sucks, so shut the fuck up.

Her - You can't cold approach on the streets.

You - The dick experience sucks, so shut the fuck up.

This is why you should do what is good for you - other people, society and civilization be damned. The dick experience inherently sucks and it is up to you to make good of it to the best of your abilities.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Purple pill #3 : Justification of monogamous marriage

What is marriage?

Take a look at what this guy says.

Yes - not something very encouraging from the guy who makes purple pillers jizz in their pants. Essentially, advocacy of marriage as moral servitude - yes, you will be a slave, but it will good for you.

What is marriage?

A social contract, a barter. It's anthropomorphizing and generalizing of biological pair-bonding.

You will provide me with exclusive access to your eggs and in return, i will provide you with good quality dna (sperm) and continued high quality parental investment (harder).

Notice that it has two parts to it from the male side - sperm and parental investment, allowing it to be equitable to multiple males contributing each exclusively: one aspect of this being the 'dual nature of female mating'. This complicates marriage in two ways.

  1. Parental investment is complicated in the human species, because our economics is more abstract. We don't just barter in fruits and meat; A million dollar in your savings account is a pretty good indicator that your child is going to survive his first decade without mortal disease. Parental investment thus in turn becomes very abstract, and so does sexual selection.
  2. Because it is a social contract, it is subject to sociological factors like culture, religion etc.

Tricks of the trade

The most common form of marriage being the monogamous lifelong marriage, in practice it is men trading parental investment for eggs. If men and women are fair, then it's fair trade.

It however is advantageous for both parties to cheat without being detected. For men, it's obvious. Men cheat, men cheat a lot and the biological drive is essentially spreading his seed far and wide. For women, the strategy is paternity cheating where she fools the man into paternity investment for a child that is not his. But that's just one way to do it.

She could also not hide it - Social acceptance of single motherhood is another such example; It is essentially social acceptance of cuckoldry.

Another way would be to reverse it. Remember, that paternity investment is abstract for human species; She can in theory secure it first and then have a kid with whoever she wants. There can be several variations to these.

For instance, she could marry a rich guy, divorce him and get alimony. And then bang a bunch of attractive guys and have a kid from one of them. She can even have a kid with the beta: get that child support and then finance her 'alpha' kids with that money.

Another way is how the Spartans did it - a society which placed extremely high premium on good alpha genes, having a good-gene cuck kid in the family would raise the status of your own biological boys and thus was something worthy of pursuing : leading spartan men of 'finer' blood to do proactively pursue their own cuckolding (something like an ancient version of blacked live - so much for muh alpha men). Another way used to be older men allowing young studs to cuck them; A sort of inter-generational loan of alphaness.

So why bring all of this up? Because i want to contrast what marriage really is with what purple will want you to believe it is. The charlatan in the video above would want you to believe that it is your redemption, some sort of a meta-level happiness arising out of some deep self-sadomasochistic tendencies entrenched within you.

It's not. Marriage has always been a social contract and nothing more. It has always been a pragmatic, cold and calculated decision between two or more parties. Never even for a single moment mistake it an indicator of her love; Women are incapable of love as we feel it. It's very rational, very well thoughtout.

Women are cognizant of it. Take a look at this link.

I don’t want to be made a fool of or just keep giving him money as ‘rent’ without ownership of some type.

I'm quoting the woman here. Marriage is always planned like an asset management strategy. Everytime she asks you how much you make, what you do or do you have a place of your own, she is essentially improving the accuracy of this calculation. In fact, societies both male-centric and female-centric hypergamic, have recognized this. The 'expert' here is recommending her to ditch the fiancee for purely pragmatic yet sub-contextual reason -  in case of a divorce, she will get nothing. The west being a feminine primary society, mainstream advice will always benefit the woman, and in thus in zero sum contests like alimony, harms the man.

His soul mate is his salvation

Don't marry if you are in love. Marry only when it benefits you, like this guy.

Otherwise don't give a fuck and enjoy your single life. And definitely avoid purple pill weirdos like JBP.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The only tale that matters

The most important thing in a good vibe is familiarity with the feminine. The complete absence of feminine mystique; That she sees you for the first time, and yet knows that you've seen her a thousand times before.

She may not be available: Listen, i can't fuck you right now, but i know you'd understand.

There's a thousand different adventures, but it's all just one tale of a guy meeting a gal. Every thing else, every game model, every mental backflip that you are going to do before the lay is you dancing in your own head - it doesn't exist in reality.

The excitement you've seen before.

The hesitant probing you've seen before - are you really a man? I look at her. Yes, you really are a man. And i have seen that look so many times, that now i don't know what slice of time i'm trapped in.

The same kissing. Sensations.

Doubts on her part. I look at her. The hesitation remains, but the doubts go away. And i've seen this before as well.

After you two make love, you look into each other's eyes. This is the first time she's looking into them, but you've seen them a thousand times before.

Listen, i have a boyfriend, so this can't happen again, but i know you'd understand.

Of course. Text me if you ever want to see me again.

Sure. Send me a pic of the next one who's hotter than me, she says.

There you have it. Because knowing one woman is knowing all women. Hypergamy doesn't care about stupid superficial social rules, cause it knows the simple uncomplicated truth - that it's just one tale of a guy meeting a gal.

And that's all there is. That's all that needs to be. That's the only tale that matters.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

What if you had zero smv?

Do me a favor - do a thought experiment for me. Imagine your life with zero smv.

You have zero smv. You are the ugliest man who lives in the world. And you can't be a good provider : you're essentially the ugliest beggar alive.

There is no woman who wants to fuck you.

You will walk up to women and they will treat you like dirt. Then you see another man approach her, and she gives a positive response - you know, the way human beings talk to each other.

Couples kissing on the street; They look at you and laugh.

Women come up to you in clubs and ask you to watch over their bag.

So now here's the question - A woman comes up to you and tells you that she will have sex with you once, if and only if, you lick her boots in front of everyone. And she asks you to make up your mind on the spot.

Everyone's looking - what will you do? Answer honestly - don't bullshit thyself.

Your honest answer is most probably how you deal with women in life now.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's all a lie

Little boys watching cartoons.

Reading fairy tales.

Growing up to have others tell him that boys are mean and girls are angels. Everyone that he ever meets. His own mother - everyone.

That women are innocent that can do no wrong.

It's all a lie.

Every movie that you ever watch will tell you how women are damsels in distress.

It's all a lie.

Every girl you ask will tell you she just wants a good man who loves her and has a gentle heart.

It's all a lie.

Every mom will tell her sons how women only go for men who respect women.

It's. All. A. Lie.

This shit is really like the matrix - a world pulled over your eyes to keep you enslaved. And everyone's who's connected to this system is going to do whatever it takes to protect it.

You will do whatever it takes to keep this lie alive; You will try your best; You will try desperately to shove this to some dusty corner of your mind.

But you can't unsee the truth. You won't unsee the truth.

Truth shall set you in free fall - and you've to survive. You have to grow your own wings and fly towards the sun; Burn down in flames and then rise again from your ashes.

And then you try again.

Finding a playground

In a few weeks, i may get a new playground for myself, so right now i'm on recon mode. Scouting out the places, finding the correct logistics - being a degenerate is hard work. But that got me thinking.

How do you know if a city is good for daygame?


I found myself using this simple heuristic - walk around, and count.

A = Number of women you would love to fuck, who're with other guys.
B = Number of women you would love to fuck, who're alone.

Divide B by A. If it's more than two, the place is definitely daygamable for you.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Snake seduction

Snake seduction - it's all around us. Reviled in the daygame community, still a form of game used by many men. This post is about snake seduction.

Snake seduction needs specific types of lifestyles in order to pull that off - i don't see a nine to five financial analyst doing asset management snake seduction game any time soon. I don't have that sort of a lifestyle; However, i'm curious about such things, so here we are - reading a post about it.

First let me define what i mean by snake seduction.


Snake seduction is game which gives access to a pool of women with a proclaimed motive of some sort of transaction, when in reality it is a sex-funnel designed to churn out lays.

Let me unpack this with some examples that i know of. Chiefly, snake seduction is of two kinds.

Passive snake seduction

This is the most common variant. Here's how it goes.

  1. Propose a benefit which is not sex - A normal transaction which is benign.
  2.  Scan for compliance.
  3. If you get compliance, you escalate and see where that goes.
  4. Either way, you complete the original stated intent of the interaction.
Let me give you a few examples that i know of.

Nightclub security
Most such jobs are shitty low wage jobs, but some guys do it to as a side job to make some extra money and to get laid. Not every bouncer can pull it off - you gotta have some game and looks, but there's a lot of factors working for him. Being an authority in the club, he already has social proof. Women who are looking for a quick one night stand with a rough dude know where to find them.

I've had women who let men game them in the club for attention (including me), only to tell me later that she came out to go home with a bouncer and she knew this before even entering the club. And the guy in question can't even talk in fully-functioning english.

A great way to get laid with girls prettier than what the average drunk chick is and better pay than bouncers. Drawback is in numbers - lesser number of women available since you're stuck at the bar and can't go around hitting up chicks.

Fashion Photography
Obviously you gotta be a good photographer, cause most starting fashion photographers are dead broke with no work. But let's say you are in that place, then you have access to a lot of women, who are hot and who you have authority over; To a certain extent, they are competing with each other. You do the rest of the math.

Modelling agency
Again, more or less the same as fashion photography. Obviously it's more difficult to create, say an "elite model management", as compared to doing a 100 approaches, so not everyone can do it. Needless to say, the benefits are enormous.

Fitness Trainer/ Yoga Instructor/ Zumba Instructor
Same factors. You're an authority and you're pre-selected. Further you're probably in shape if you do do all those, definitely not fat. On top of that - you're are allowed to touch her! This opens up an entire new channel of physical probing for compliance. Disadvantage being - your job depends on your reputation, so probes have to be very careful. Also, better if you're into milfs.

Uber/Lyft driver
This one's not known much, but a lot of these drivers are doing snake seduction. Here's how it works - go to a city and wander around areas where you can meet a lot of women with your app turned on (campuses etc.) and wait like an alligator. Get different people on pool, and ask them to sit on the back if it's empty. Hopefully, you bump into a ride where you are left alone with a pretty woman who's a bit far off.

When that happens, disable new rides. If there are more people in queue, then you cancel those rides. The guy now has a short window (can be longer) of isolation to run game and get her number. Sometimes that's not possible, so the guy games her anyway with a co-passenger and gets something relatively more impersonal like instagram etc. Now she's in the fuck funnel!

Curiously, also used by older milfs to gather boy-toys.

Active snake seduction

Similar to passive snake seduction, but step-4 differs.

  1. Propose a benefit which is not sex. A normal transaction which isn't benign.
  2.  Scan for compliance.
  3. If you get compliance, you escalate and see where that goes.
  4. If you don't get compliance, you abandon the transaction. Sometimes you make it known beforehand; You do this either overtly, or more commonly covertly using your reputation.

This is the "metoo" antagonistic game. Let's throw in some examples.

Casting agencies
Basically get good looking people like models, actors etc and negotiate fucking for a gig. Also let's grant that this goes both ways - men (including heterosexual men) are also harassed by gay guys and really horrendous milfs. Obviously, Weinstein is an example of this type of game.

Same in media.

Music Production
No surprises here and nothing more to say. Casting couches for hip hop videos.

Again, no surprises here. Trump is probably the best TV game player in the history of mankind.

Instagram Game/ Youtube game
Best example being Dan Bilzerian. But can be sneakier, like this.

The prime benefit of snake seduction is that you don't have to cold approach. Drawback is everything else - mixing your professional life with game can be harmful for your health.

So there we go - finito.