Thursday, November 30, 2017

There is no spoon


"Don't try to game a woman, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth."
"What truth?"
"There is no game"
"There is no game?"
"Then you'll see it is not the woman that is gamed, it is only yourself"

There is no spoon.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Game tip #2 Zones and Front-stops

This is my own thing; You probably have something similar, but i haven't seen it formalized anywhere else, so i'm using my own term.


Something which is sort of heresy in the daygame community. And for good reasons: As beginner daygamers, we don't have enough conviction to stop a moving woman from the front; We compensate with the momentum which Yad-stop brings - thus the common complaints of the woman walking around you. But I think after a hundred or so sets, one should start doing front stops.

There are some reasons for this.

1. It's low key. As a daygamer, going under the radar is a very valuable trait, because it widens your net. Say you are in a mall. Or you live in a suburb and the streets are not that busy; Yad stops are very flashy, and you don't want to draw attention to yourself on a daily basis.

2. It's less state driven. Yad stop is a momentum-based stop requiring good state; If your state is not optimal, your legs will jam while you are running.

3. It feels more authentic. A man sees woman. He likes her. He stops her. He asks her out. So in essence, you are leveraging the social script. Sometimes a front stop is more socially calibrated (as in Type-2 below).

4. It gives you more reaction time. If you are in low state, and couldn't do a front-stop in time, you can still do the Yad-stop with an added advantage of having formed a stack already while you were thinking about it.

Now before describing how i do front-stops (which is easy), let me talk a little bit about zones.


Zones are logical partitions of that portion of the street which you can see.

Let me explain what i mean by that.

This is your zone on the street
This is how i divide the street inside my head. Let's say i'm looking at this street in the direction of the balding guy in the front (looking towards his right at the guy wearing glasses). 

Human View

In my head, i see something like this.

Terminator er.. Street Gamer View

Red zone

The area closest to you. Most people in this zone will require you to tilt your head on either side to view them. If you are used to doing Yad stops, think of it being as wide as the gap which you leave when you are passing the woman before you make the turn. This is about 2 steps wide for me.

Yellow zone

This is the next zone; It is about 2 steps away from me and is 2 steps wide - ending 4 steps away from me. When you are in the yellow zone, both you and the woman can see each other without turning your head. And crucially, she can also hear you without you having to shout.

Green Zone

This is the last useful zone; It is about 4 steps away from me and ends in about 7 steps. This is the widest zone. The woman can see you, but you'll need to raise your voice above your normal levels if you want to be heard. This requires more state.

Black Zone

This is what is beyond the green zone. Don't open women at this zone. Move closer, or let her move closer.

Utility of zones

Now why go to such autistic lengths just to describe a man chatting up a woman in the street? Because, you can describe and reason better about the streets (or any other location), and create rules and recipes for yourself; You will have more conviction if you do this.

For example, here's how i would describe how to do a yard stop to a beginner.

Yad stop recipe

  1. Select a woman.
  2. Pass her and look back at her.
  3. Let your stack words emerge (This will be a separate post i guess).
  4. When she crosses into your yellow zone, turn back and run towards her .
  5. Put your hand out halfway through the redzone. Look at her eyes and smirk. Slow down but keep running.
  6. As soon as you see her in your yellow zone, stop and plant your feet.

Absurd levels of description for something everybody in the community knows about. But as you can see, it's utility lies in it's descriptiveness. And more importantly, we can communicate this script to newbies which they can drill in their heads- even when they're not opening!

Next point - we can describe infield inner-game phenomena better using this. For instance, I have noticed that i never have any AA in the green zone when i'm out solo. Did you guys ever notice that? If yes, then you can exploit this fact; I'll give an easy example later.

Here's another one, if a girl looks at you directly for more than a second in your red zone, it's a sure shot IOI; The same reaction in the yellow zone is not that definitive.

Some examples of Front-stops

Type-1 : Front and Walking, behind yellow zone

  1. Spot a woman in the black zone and green zone. If she is in black zone, then let her move to green zone.
  2. Let as many stack words emerge before she's halfway in the green zone. If she's already there, go with the first two which occur to you.
  3. Gesture her. You must have conviction; You must not appear like a homeless guy or a sales man. Do the claw mid air. Or do a 2-finger wave like this, but hold your hands mid air for about two more seconds after she sees them; DO NOT drop them.

      4. When she enters the yellow zone, start talking.

<root> ... <stack> <stack>

      5. Wait for social hook point. Then step into her red zone and flash the mesmer. Depending on the reaction, stay or acknowledge and step back to the yellow zone. The zone that you stand in will determine the vibe of the interaction and the texture of your game.

      6.  If you couldn't do the front stop, do the Yad stop.

Type 2: Woman waiting across the road for a pedestrian signal.

She's in the green zone. Here's my recipe.

  1. Stay out of her RAS till you get the signal. Let your stack words emerge; you have time.
  2. When you get the signal, walk a few steps towards her direction till she can see you.
  3. Get her attention BEFORE she crosses into your yellow zone. If necessary yell.
  4. When you get her attention, walk towards her till she crosses your yellow zone.
  5. Look at your left/right, and signal her as you've realized just now this is mid cross-walk. Signal to the back, turn around and let her come towards you.
  6. Smile when she enters the red zone. Raise your hand as in 'hi', take a step back to get just out of red zone, and start talking.
<root> ... <stack><stack><stack>
      7. Yad stops have lower probability here, because it's socially uncalibrated. If you turned around and stopped her in the middle of the cross walk, there's people around for you to leave room, it's abrupt, and she probably won't stop midway. What if you let her cross and then stop her? In  the woman's head, if you waited for a couple of  minutes, let her cross the street, then turned back to cross it and stopped her, then you were hesitating.

In both these recipes, i'm signalling/gesturing her in green zone and talking to her in the yellow zone. Here's why:-

  1. I have no AA in green zone, but she can't hear me. So if i can signal her with a gesture, i open without AA!.
  2. Once she crosses over to the yellow zone, she can hear me with my normal levels of loudness. Thus i can work with a low state or a normal state.

This is an example of how i've used mindfulness and my knowledge of streets to tweak my game.

Now obviously these are some specific examples of my recipes, and you'll have to create your own. But if you zone your street-view, you can model your street game, create rules and recipes for it and drill it in a much better way. Be mindful even when you're walking around and not gaming

Try zoning; Has worked for my solo daygame.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The purple pill #1 - The discomfort with truth

Here's a pop quiz - Which guy is more attractive?

Jeremy is a black man. Bill is a white guy. Jeremy was born in a poor family in Stockton California; Bill was blessed to a middle class family. Jeremy didn't go to college; Bill dropped out of Harvard. By his thirtieth birth day, Jeremy had been to jail and out for robbery, hitting kids, possession of firearms and grand theft; Bill became a billionaire and chairman of one of the biggest companies in the world.

Question - Who is more attractive to women?

Before we go ahead, let me tell you guys something - these men are real people. The latter is Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and the richest man in the history of human species. Philanthropist. Arguably, one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Thinking about all the pussy i'm going to slay

The first guy is Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon who turned male model after this mugshot of him went viral.
Umm..I'm a sensitive church-going gentleman

So i'll ask again - Who is attractive to women?

The point of this post is to emphasize - Women don't give a shit about your virtues, your character , how good of a man you are or how rich you are, when it comes to genuine desire. Hypergamy doesn't care.

You see, the male hierarchy is not a subjective thing; The hotness of a guy is not just something random in some female head. Specific facial characteristics, specific body types, specific behavioral cues, specific height ranges. Either you have it or you don't.

But if you don't, you can't change the rules of the game and say -

"Hey, i'm not good at all these criteria, but i'm great at all these other things. I dominate in my own field and am at the top of the hierarchy there. And since women are hypergamic and just go for top dogs, i must be hot in the eyes of women."

Yes, hypergamy scans for your rank in the male hierarchy, but it does so with your SMV. It doesn't care about any other hierarchies - Your moral standards, how good of a chess player you are, how much community service do you do. Bill Gates will do more good in this world than ten lives of Jeremy Meeks combined. It really doesn't matter to women though. This is a game with rules, which we mere mortals don't have control over; We are tiny little pieces on a board game.

And this is what is not understood mainstream. Take Jordan Peterson. He understands the idea of a male hierarchy (much to his credit; Most people don't).

And yet, he tries to rationalize it because otherwise life would be uncomfortable.

"As we moved forward, through six million years of time, men have become more and more well adapted not only to the presence of the male dominance hierarchy, but to the ability to move up it .. And that's the central spirit of the individual. The individual is the thing that can move up dominance hierarchies; It's the thing that's at the top .." -- Jordan Peterson.

This is false. Technically what is true is favorable phenotypical characteristics being amplified over significant scales of time. Take the example of height - If height favors sexual selection, then tall guys get laid and short guys don't. Thus the "tall genes" weed out the "short genes" and over a period of several thousands of year, the average height of all males (and females) goes up. Notice that i wrote all men - No single man has exponential advantage over a single generation.

What doesn't happen is that an individual gets to have a capacity to "move up the dominance hierarchy". No man was given a choice to be taller or even a potential; It was sealed at his conception - These things are immutable. The individual is not something which can move up the dominance hierarchy. The individual is a roll of dice; The biggest score wins and takes all.

There are two things which arise in the minds of unplugged when they encounter this fact and assimilate it.

First, can we do anything at all? Yes of course, we can. Some favorable traits are passed in potentials, for instance, your musculature. Work out hard in the gym and reach the top of your potential - There is no doubt you will look better than what you are right now and will be more attractive (remember though, gym isn't game). However your ceil is fixed by your genes and thus something immutable in the hierarchy. These traits we try to do our best and then let the chips fall.

Others we can hack. If there is an optimal facial symmetry and shape for human males, then depending on your facial shape, you can play around with different hairstyles and see which optimizes your looks. Same goes with your style, your personality (remember game) and even your accent if you travel. You can hack around with steroids; You can use nootropics. All sorts of stuff.

But there are always limits to everything, and those limits are immutable. You cannot escape the hierarchy.

The second point being, this doesn't sound very empowering. To which i would like to remind you - reality doesn't have to be empowering. It is what it is. It doesn't have to end well, and in most cases it doesn't. The expectation for a happy ending is a naive and potentially time wasting expectation; That's what feminists do. The world doesn't revolve around you; You revolve around the world. It's been here before you and will be there after you. Your, mine and everybody else's life is to try to do the best we can to get the things we need, want, love and cherish. The world will not care about our denials.

That's why, the purple pill will not help you. Yes, truth is uncomfortable, but what else can you do? Live in denial? You cannot substitute reality with your own idealism. If you don't even acknowledge the rules of the game, how can you expect to even survive? You won't and you will fail. Reality will come crashing and time will have passed.

And you'll have lived a life full of regrets. Then your story ends.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The PUA generational gap

Maybe i'm talking out of my ass here, and perhaps I shouldn't; After all, who am i to classify all players on the basis of my own observation, subject to my own interpretations and biases. But, i'm gonna do it anyway here. Also this is not an age thing - most people share traits between the two classes in varying degrees.

Just as game and infield observations which players made turned out to be foundational to Redpill, redpill has also influenced game in ways players don't realize. The thing about being a player is that there is an instinctive revulsion towards sociological commentary about this stuff - it can fuck with your infield vibe; As a player you do anything to keep away from politics, activism etc. As long as you keep getting laid, the rest of the world can go to hell.

For me, the rest of the world can still go to hell, but i do like to peek beneath the hood. Partly, because i have a double life, and i can't afford error rates like say a traveler who goes on sarge-trips. But also because when you travel on this path, sooner or later your identity is going to change; The challenge is not to let the rest of the world know about that - Find what you do right infield and do the opposite at work, social gatherings etc. I need to know how stuff works, so that i can do it wrong if needed.

And thus the need for redpill awareness.

Anyway, not to go too much into tangents, here are the things which in my opinion are different between the old guard of pua and the "new generation".

Old PUA's end goal was monogamy

The new players don't aspire to "happily ever after", because it is an impossible goal. There is no happily ever after, only what each side can bargain in the SMP.

Thus the difference in mindsets. The old guard believed in a steady path - Start approaching, rack up lays, find a girlfriend (maybe in a poly setting initially and then commit), and then finally settle down and exit the game. For them, good game assures lifelong monogamy; things like being in your forties and settling down with a twenty something forever was possible.

The new guys are more about setting up a relationship process, ala a Blackdragon. Start approaching, rack up lays, find a girlfriend for winter, keep building a harem and replace the girlfriend if a better replacement is found. Keep spinning plates indefinitely to the best of your abilities. In your thirties date twenties. In your forties date twenties if possible, else thirties, etc etc.

Now this is of course the best case scenario: The more common case (in my personal experience being) is -  rack up lays, fuck every once in a while with a fuck buddy, see multiple girls. Some cold streaks. Occasionally a girlfriend, but with full expectation of temporary monogamy. And then you rinse and repeat the process; Sometimes old notches come back. The new generation never expects complete monogamy for life.

Old PUA knew about AF/BB but not about hypergamy

Yes - For most MM guys, hypergamy is just marrying up in social status. After the party years, the girl finds herself wanting trustworthy guys who are not shallow and care for her. Yadda yadda. The thing is, this is a naive view of things which completely ignores the utilitarian nature of female sexual strategies.

For the old guard, the premise of a relationships was idealistic - The woman is in love with a man. They share common interests. Yes, Sex is very pragmatic; She will shit test you to guage your SMV. But relationships? Oh no, in that she's the pure-hearted snow flake and doesn't have pragmatic interests behind her behavior. Yes she's a single mom, but she wants to be with me, because she's in love with me - something which she didn't feel for the father of the kids. And the reason for that being my "perfect game", which i used to close her.

The new guys understand that not everything is about the game and there are other factors at work. Yes, she's fucking you for the sex and has a boyfriend for the feels. But then, another one of your girls is fucking you along with two other guys just for sex; She's more focused on her career and doesn't want either a relationship or a provider. Then there's the milf who's cheating on her husband for a few weeks. She doesn't like you, loves her husband and children. She just wants to try some sex on the side, because her own sex life is so boring; Pure-hearted innocence doesn't even make sense in this context. If the old pua gets married, he thinks that she'll never fuck anyone on the side because they are sexually and emotionally satisfied.

The old PUA doesn't understand schedules of mating. And thus the burden of performance. Ironic, that the game begins with mystery crying in the hospital for his perfect "ten", and yet we all salivated at the prospect of learning the perfect puppet mastery to get a playboy model girlfriend.

Old PUA believed in sniper game

Take for instance, the set which Style ran with the model in the bookstore. He went, ran game and she gave him their number; The students were dazzled.

Yes, with better game you have better chance with each set. But there is no such thing as perfect game. For all we know, she could have rejected him - in fact that was more probable. Yet the strength of his game was guaged on an individual set. Why? Because people believed in a perfect set and their ability to have the perfect comebacks in every situation.

This is the reason routines fell out of fashion, instead being replaced by game models. PUAs found the landscape of behavior to be so vast and dynamic that instead of learning thousands of routines, it was much better to base your game on game-models and handle randomness around it.

The new guys understand this and thus have much humbler aspirations. Women have become more game aware in clubs, and daygame has a much wider funnel. A lay rate of one per fifty opens is considered amazing. For the new guy, things are much less controllable, and thus they focus on doing the best that they can.

Old PUA believed in standing out. New PUA blends in.

Of course, that doesn't mean the new PUA is forgettable. But you can't tell if the new PUA is gamey or just a confident guy. The most opens i see in clubs with game aware guys nowadays is 'hi'; I don't hear a lot of  'opinion' openers anymore. No more funny hats and lipstick marks on your neck.

Daygamers know the dress code - leather jackets and rings. But again, that's the newbie daygamer dress code, like a BJJ white belt. For all you know, the guy in the flannel shirt and chody sneakers who was chatting with the asian girl in the starbucks line was a daygamer running a set. The London Daygame Model is so good precisely because it allows you to go under the radar in a very generic way; It's like the swiss army knife of game models.

Old PUA was more Avant Garde

Yes! Running game and dating multiple women was a strange thing if you were not a rockstar. Now, even chodes who aren't game aware find it normal dating multiple people (though the more common case being the girl seeing multiple people). "Seeing" people is just so normal - you can bring it up in semi-informal conversations like friendly colleagues and even family.

People talk of  'tinder openers' and 'ghosting'. It's amazing how much this stuff has gone mainstream.

Perhaps this is a presumptuous post. But when you see your former "idols" become purple pill dating coaches, you look back and wonder how much time has passed since you were in game. How much has changed, how much do we understand about hypergamy and it's wider sociological consequences. It's amazing how much goalposts shift during a journey. I was a part of this slice of history in my own small way; I lived the truth. It's a small step for a man, a giant step for men.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The value of game

Why game? What is the value of game?

Will it help me get any woman? No.

Most women? No.

Making oneself rejection proof? No, rejection is where game starts.

Happiness? Can happen, but it's not the lays which can make me happy (though certainly 'hella' pleasure).

Then why should i value game?

Because it brings order to chaos. You don't have control, but you know all the possibilities. You throw out a test and the universe tells you a story.

I can deal with uncertainty, but there's never any doubt. I know all that she can say, all her little tricks, all the ways the friend can cockblock, All the shit tests; What all excuses really mean. It's very satisfying to predict something in-set and see it happen. It's calming, assuring and tells me -"It's all good. Been here, done this."

Kinda nice, the feeling. I will keep getting numbers, keep getting laid. And repeat.

In a strange way, this is like me settling down.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Musings on inner game

There are two you's - The conscious and sub-conscious. Granted that psychological processes are much complicated than such simple freudian reductions, but this is a good heuristic to understand a lot of things in game.

Inner game is value addition to your sub-conscious identity.

You can't approach? There's something wrong deep inside.

You can't escalate? There's something wrong deep inside.

You don't feel good enough. You pine for women who got away, even though you're busy with your harem. You don't feel happy even when you cum in a girl's pussy.

There's something wrong deep inside. Always is.

To me, a lot of times, game appears like an illusion. We know that it isn't pure randomness because we get better overtime. But to my mind, it appears like an illusion, because it lacks determinism. Same opener, same material, same life-situation, same escalation - different outcomes. And yet, it's still not random: So you can't always pin problems on mere bad luck.

But finding what's wrong is extremely difficult. It's extremely difficult. You are trying to look at a part of you which you work overtime to hide from yourself. You create a labyrinth of psychological traps - proximate causes. Weasels first, then meta-weasels. Weird emotions - hatred towards women that you open. Disgust towards women who do give up their vagina to you. Need for solitude. Mood swings. All of these will come like a swarm of bees, and one of them is a queen bee. Find it, and the swarm disappears  - leaving behind the sweet nectar of your untarnished identity.

The same thing, which would have been out in open if your girlfriend hadn't fucked your friend. Or your shitty parents hadn't abused you. Or if you didn't get divorced. Or you hadn't been bullied to near-death in high school. Or if you weren't born in some shitty part of the world. Or in some shitty race. Or in some shitty culture. Or maybe you saw your parents fucking and were scarred for life, when it came to sex.

It can be one of these or anything. Yet tracing them to your approach anxiety/ escalation/ relationship problems can be difficult, perhaps even impossible.

And even if you do find out the true cause, there may be no cure for the disease. Psychological processes are permanent - Neural pathways don't go back. You instead have to cover your core identity with your personality - more neural networks on top.

So yes, focus on the tactics, because they are important and make up so much of your core confidence. But always remember - the biggest wins will always come from inner game remedies. And it will always be the hardest to diagnose.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Great Game


Why is it that for most men, talking to women in club is far easier than in real life? Because it’s a hyper-reality. It’s real: everything that is happening is real, the women are real, you are real, the nerves are real. But it’s hyper-real. There is an unspoken social contract between women and men and one of the terms is that of relatively no consequences for the men’s social status despite failed attempts.

It’s an unspoken social contract, which is self-emergent in contemporary society; It is congruent with our evolutionary history. It has two parts, one for each side.

For the women, it is a place for screening top tier men - mainly in terms of looks. But top tier men are by definition rare. The rest of the men serve as indirect mensuration of their own SMV. And if the girl is too horny - she will cue in on other characteristics like social dominance etc.

For men, it’s a ceremony for preening : mainly their physical characteristics, but sexual selection allows for hacks. That may come in the form of musculature and physical bulk, but also agility and physical performance - like dancing. I think of dancing as the oldest form of physical game - a hack, far older than the species itself.

Alcohol relaxes you. That’s a huge deal, a chemical hack allowing even the most scared cats to make approaches and roll the dice if they are drunk enough. Since the women are screening only for physicality, they don’t care about personality etc. For the top tier physicality but shy guy, this is a good strategy and works. His game is - “Just drink and wake up next morning - hopefully not with a whale”

For the male a bit below in the hierarchy, the first step is to copy this strategy. Except it won’t work for him that well, because the magic was in the man and not the process; Hypergamy will screen him out for the top tier women. He will start spamming all women. Something will click, and he will get laid sometimes.

For the beta/gamma, even spamming will not work and he will think game doesn’t work.

Game itself as denial

You see, game works - but it doesn’t solve the problems it pitched to solve, when it sold you the idea.

  1. Getting laid frequently with top tier women using a deterministic method, no matter where you exist in the male hierarchy
  2. Assurance of polygyny/monogamy once you sleep with a woman

Yes. You don’t escape or hack the hierarchy with game.

Understand this. Even before you open your mouth and even if the woman is available, your fate is pretty much sealed. She is the Yes girl, Maybe girl or a no girl.

This is what the No girl teaches us. It can be a blowout, a polite conversation, a harsh drink in your face rebuke, the end result is simple - No matter how suave, charming, threatening, dominant you are, you WON’T get the girl.

As a man, the hierarchy is your prison. It’s a zone within which you can meander about - With game you can make huge leaps and climb a floor or two. But that’s about it. You will have a ceiling and then you’re done. The most dorky guy can come and blow you out. And there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it.

Rollo often writes in his blog that alpha is a mindset and not a demographic. I disagree with him on this point.

Alpha is a demographic, which of course brings it’s own mindset. An alpha mindset with a beta demographic is like being a transgender woman - Sure she got the fake tits, but i’m still not sleeping with Caitlyn Jenner.

That’s what women will think of you when you’re trying to out-alpha yourself.

And yet, try you must; Two reasons.

Reasons for persisting

First, the hierarchy is an abstraction of reality. Thus, you don’t really know where you are at; All you have is fairly accurate guesses, which are nevertheless guesses. Only when you have significant experience and have put in the years, do you know what your approximate SMV is.

Second, female choice has a significant component of randomness. Even for the alpha, the legs will not open up every time. She will randomly decide - “Yes! This is the seed i’ve been waiting for” and presto. So if it’s a no, from our perspective we don’t know if it’s because of randomness or value.

Men will go to great lengths to deny this. Why?

The Alpha's need for game

Let’s say you are a top tier man, and you get laid frequently. Sex is not a ‘problem’. If it’s because of some characteristics which you posses within control, then it’s manageable. Results more predictable and not vulnerable to your finances, age or another higher man poaching your mates. You can train, you can practice game; Your social intelligence builds up with time and thus will not be vulnerable to ageing, unlike your body.

If however it is based on certain characteristics which are not in your control, then your current results are temporary. You will hit the wall and someday no longer have access to the fine lasses in their twenties. Doesn’t matter that you will do wicked impromptu assumption stacks - she WILL say no. You will be done and thrashed in the bin.

Also, it's less soothing to the ego, especially if you’re a player. It’s not the strength of your personality or will - It was just you. Your genes. Your race. Your height. Your social status. You’re not such a badass hero after all - just another guy who followed the process. A younger daygamer will follow the same process and replace you in ten years. And then you’ll be talking about angelic girls who are not like that and settling down with a ‘high quality’ woman.

The Dreg's need for game

And the opposite end of the spectrum is the no hope dud. The short slow metabolism fatso, working in a seven eleven since ten years, with yellow teeth and a post-divorce dry spell of two decades. His body is still shouting at him to discharge some semen in a soft twenty year old cunt - even if he has to die. And yet, he hasn’t seen his balls since five months now, because he has been drinking beer after finishing his night shift and watching baseball reruns.
He’ll do anything to get laid. But he has no money, power, status or looks. If only a magic bullet existed, a system which he could use to open flood gates of poonani - even if fat mexican sluts with two-tiers bulging out and hair in her armpits.

Tell him that game won’t work for him. No matter how good he implements mystery method, no matter how much he spams. He will take a thousand sets for a lay over the deep dark vaccum. All it requires is persistance, he will say.

Think of it this way. Let’s say there is a most efficient version of game which is sureshot. If all men play it, then surely everyone get’s laid, right? Wrong. Game is procedural within a context - that’s why nightgame attraction doesn’t work in daygame. If every man has game, hypergamy will dictate that no man has game. If you understand evolutionary psychology, the red queen will wave a wand and everything will be reset to level zero.

The Great Game

You see, human beings are creatures which strive against fate. They don’t accept fate, and always suspect that there’s a hack, something which they could do, some method which exists. There has to be something. The humanity’s journey is quiet similar to a gamma’s journey to sigmahood; It will simply not accept it’s place. Every now and then, some will break through. And then they will see the invisible walls of the hierarchy and smirk.

This is how the great game is played.

'Cause every now and then I fall a bit behind
Every time I stare into your eyes