Sunday, July 23, 2017

Game tip #1 - Seed her

Sure, i want you to literally seed her. But here i'm talking about a technique, which i noticed when i was free-styling a bit and seems to work.

Let me unpack the idea.

Whatever game model you are using, it has a linear locus. That means, given the most common levels of compliance (which is mostly a maybe girl), your approach hovers around certain points around which you formulate your plan; It may deviate a bit here and there, but throughout the process, you scan for these points.

In case of LDM, these are the hook point, escalation compliance, verbal/effort investment. In case of my type of nightgame, it is an IOI/forced IOI, escalation compliance and finally isolation compliance. Heavy words in there, but if you're not a player and don't understand this technically, then it's best not to get into these complications for now; Maybe skip this post. Also daygame mastery is required reading for this post (link).

The idea of seeding is to sub-communicate the next point of compliance, and then go back to the previous one.

Let me give you some quick examples.

Say you have reached the hook point. So now the traditional way is to vibe - general storytelling, non-qualifying open ended questions. Like this.

Her: So what do you do? [Hook]
Daygamer: I flirt with girls. That's my dayjob.[your face should have a cheeky grin and flirty eyes when you say this - flirting 101]
Her: [some kind of a compliance reaction like giggling, smiling, or teasing you back etc..]
Daygamer: Hehe, i work in real estate. It's mainly ...[Moving towards grounding]

What i'm suggesting is that we tweak this a little bit and seed.

Her: So what do you do? [Hook]
Daygamer: I flirt with girls. That's my dayjob - flirting with girls. In a few minutes, i'm may ask your phone number, don't you know?[Seeding with same flirty subcomm] 
Her: [some kind of a compliance reaction like giggling, smiling, or teasing you back etc..]
Daygamer: Hehe, i work in real estate. It's mainly ...[Moving towards grounding] 
[Number Closing]
Daygamer: .. I wanna invite you out sometime, would you like that ? ..[He number closes] 
Daygamer: I think i'll text you probably around Wednesday. What does your schedule look like this week? [seeding for D1]
Girl : blah blah blah.
Daygamer : [Move the conversation towards this thread] blah blah. An awesome life i think is exciting and not normal. You know where you do fun things. Have impolite conversations. Make a painting. Check sexy people out. Kiss a stranger in the moment, like after a war is over and you've won. Life is ... [seeding for D2] 
Daygamer: [Successful compliance somewhere close near the end of this stage but not at the very end, like your complimenting and inspecting her ear rings] You know a good way to get to know a person intimately is to simply ask. I think communication is the key to chemistry. If you have good chemistry, you can simply ask the dirtiest question you can, but the other person will like it. Blah blah .. [Seeding the questions game in D3]

Daygame mastery already covers how to seed for the pull.

Now this thing works well - as to why it does, i'm not sure because i'm not an expert in analyzing game. But here's my take.

Seeding is priming for a forthcoming compliance test in a less intense step of the interaction. So when you are seeding for the number close just after the hook point, you're on a high. She has just complied. So you are not asking for her number, but merely joking that you may do that. The net effect of this is that you are sub-communicating a compliance test covertly before you throw it out in the open in the next step. Two things can happen:-

  1. She complies. Thus she has accepted your proposition covertly. The only thing to do is to run the model and bring her to overt acceptance. If you are adventurous, you may even skip that step; I haven't run enough sets like that though.
  2. She raises objections. Understand this - these were going to come up anyway. So if you have a tactic to defuse them, this allows you to tune that even before you reach that point in the interaction.

    Her: So what do you do? [Hook] 
    Daygamer: I flirt with girls. That's my dayjob - flirting with girls. In a few minutes, i'm may ask your phone number, don't you know?[Seeding with same flirty subcomm] 
    Her: I have a boyfriend. [But she's still standing] 
    Daygamer: Hehe, i work in real estate. It's mainly ...[Notice that the conversation went exactly the same, with the added benefit that you ignored the shit test. Plus, now you know she has a boyfriend, so you can get more R-selected humble bragging in vibing and turn up the "player" vibe]

    Daygamer: Yeah, i kinda like punk rock. In fact that's why i got into it during my college days. Maybe also for the secret admirers (grin..) [This is an R-selected DHV, which is good to use here, because she already has a boyfriend. You now have greater confidence in this, because of the feedback you got by seeding after hook point]

    Daygamer: .. I wanna invite you out sometime, would you like that ? 
    Her: But i have a boyfriend!! [Smiling, looking away. Notice that you already know that, and thus the next tactics have better conviction, since you are not fazed] 
    Daygamer: [flirty eyes + grin] I know. We will grab a quick coffee, flirt a bit and you'll be safely back in your boyfriends arms by midnight. He will kiss you on your forehead and look at you like you're an angel. 
    Her: [Token objections] 
    Daygamer: Here's what i think we should do. We exchange numbers. You wanna come out you come out. If not, i get it. For now let's just exchange numbers. 
    [He number closes] 
    Daygamer: I think i'll text you probably around Wednesday. What does your schedule look like this week? [seeding for D1. Again, notice that the rest of the interaction remains the same]...

Give it a try. So far the quality of the sets feel better with this, but again that's just one man's opinion. Still i think this is a good tactic. I'm also seeding a lot of escalation nowadays, but it's kinda early work, so i can't articulate it well now. Maybe a future post.

Also hopefully you've gotten the point if your learn from my posts - you're NOT controlling the girl. Give up the illusion of the control. Remember, Game is for your confidence and her reading.

Friday, July 7, 2017

First one's the worst one?

The community has a consensus - Your first open of the day is going to be the shittiest and the least smooth.

Sure, i agree. But it's not the worst one.

I'm experimenting with some inner game tech not very well known in the community, and i'll write about it in detail in the future. It's for ironing out my solo daygame, and involves using mindfulness as a tool.

Today experienced something surreal, even creepy on my first open. A lot of AA, but i'm mindfully watching it. A girl walks by; Simple black dress with lacy endings. Not particularly cute, but doable.

I can't open from the front; She walks by.

I observe my fear and play with it a little (don't ask how - i'll write about it later). Then i do a classic yad stop.

Me: I have to give you a complement.
Her: Yes?
Me: You look very nice. Are you single?
Her: No.
Me: I see. Well you still look nice. Enjoy your evening.

Nothing remarkable. Except what happened next was amazing.

I walk away and begin to do a body scan. I notice a feeling of pleasure running along my hands, and my forehead. It grows, and then fills up my body with a weird sensation i can't articulate - It's orgasmish. I'm drowning in pleasure, smiling. I keep observing and walking; Girls are massively bombarding me with  IOIs all of a sudden for some reason.

I come out of mindfulness and that feeling disappears. I feel completely refreshed. It doesn't return later.

May have been in zone, but have been in zone for other things; It doesn't feel like this at all.

Game is amazing!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

There is no such thing as female love..

.. and that's ok. Love is a masculine thing.

However, never forget this.
Women are incapable of love.
It is common knowledge in the manosphere that women love differently than men. However, i would argue that we stop calling it love; It resembles more of a compulsion. Addiction. Need. Something like these. We don't say that we 'love' our dealers; Then why say that for women?

I won't elaborate how i arrived at this conclusion, cause then it will be a boring field report.

If men understand this simple fact, then it clarifies a lot of stuff for them. For instance,
  1. A woman will never appreciate your relationship equity. Why? Because, you are nothing more than a thing for her. And get this right - your ARE a thing for her. She doesn't love you; She's incapable of that.

  2. A woman will always objectify you. You're her credit card. Her dildo. Her mirror. You're not a person with feelings. It may feel like that, when she's looking at you with warm eyes; Trust me that's a lie.

    Remember how the strippers look turned on by you when you go to a strip club; Or how the waitress is wearing a tight top, her boobs popping out and looking at you with a grin and flirty eyes? You know that's pretense, yet looks so real. That's exactly what your girlfriend is doing. Don't be fooled.

  3. Stop looking for relationships to fulfill you. You're looking for female love, which doesn't exist. If you want a relationship, admit it - game is too hard for you and you're good with plain vanilla infrequent sex. Or admit it - you're now getting too old, and so you're suddenly talking about quality women. Or admit it - you're looking for some validation from women. All these are perfectly legitimate reasons. Just don't fool yourself into thinking that you're looking for female love, because it doesn't exist.

  4. Don't chase being respected by her as a goal; She'll not love you for that anyway.
We don't want to accept that women are incapable of love, for then, we will always be alone. That's worst case scenario. And that's true.

If you're a man, you'll always be alone.

When i started this blog, I hoped for this
And i want to go back to being that trusting carefree self, where everything that is heard isn't a machivaliean pattern to watch out for, and i don't have to buy a set of different masks for the office and the club. Where i can perform on fair terms and don't feel lonely, even when i have a warm body under me and an exploding heart within.

Turns out, that this is simply impossible. My goal this year was to get into a relationship; I think that's failing now and i don't see any hope for recovery. The whole idea of a relationship was me looking for something which doesn't exist. Cool, simplifies stuff for me.

Lesson learned. Now we move forward.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Field report - Open hypergamy

All right guys, this is a field report. Note that this is not a lay report; I'm not comfortable writing them yet. Still, this has been the most surreal night of my nightgame and game in general. And this happened barely two hours ago, so i wanna jot it down before it disappears from my memory. I can't let this reference experience go; Not sure what it means for my entitlement.


Tonight's the night. The man sleeps and the wolf comes out howling. My process begins; The ritual is enticing.

Except, i have tweaked it a bit. Watch porn without jacking off. Watch Ava Adams for the bit-titted milfs. Sami Parker for the asians. Heck i even watch a bit of Angelina Castro - who knows what will happen to my standards if i get drunk too much. I'll go chode once again and fuck a fatty.

I reach the place. The guards fist bump me and i go in. The place is popping.

I smoke outside then go in. The bar dynamics doesn't look favorable, so i decide to go back to my original game model of dance/physical game. It's mystery method, except translated in physical/sub-communication level instead of verbal  (You can check it out in this tweet thread). 

Stage-1 : Value building

I start dancing away from the other girls, but all of them notice me, expecting me to join them. However i stick to the plan. Everybody leaves and i'm the only guy on the dance floor, but i still keep at it. Value builds and i go out for a second smoke.

I'm smoking and i overhear another guy who i know, talking to some feminist fatties about how "he's not gay and i told him to go up to women and make eye contact and smile, but he doesn't do it".

Stage-2: First Set

I go back, grab a corona and head back to the dance floor. Ping a 3-set but blank response. Then ping an asian chick, and she pings back. More dancing, subtle escalation using my hands and touch. Exchange names, bounce to the bar for some water. More small talk, with sex sub-communicated using touch. Bounce off to her friend, vibing with her. I inquire logistics and they look ok. I create a plan for further escalation - take her out for a smoke, maybe tease a kiss, bounce back, more rapport with friend. Then more dancing, more escalation, kiss, take her to bar. Suggest bounceback and prepare her to manage expectations from friend; Else take her number.

Good plan. Except she tells me she doesn't like smoking. She tells me to go and she'll wait. I seed escalation by saying i'll come back, grab her hand 'like this and we'll dance'. She smiles and i go out for another smoke.

Come back and she's gone. I ask her friend where she is, and she says that she doesn't know. I set a time limit till i'll keep watch over the women's washroom and then move on to the next stage, since she's already given me some more value.

Stage -3: Second set

She left and i experience a minor rollercoaster in the club. Fuck me; Why does this always happen to me?

Still i move on to the next step. Or that's what i think.

I go back to the dance floor thinking i'll start opening the cuties, but i see a woman dancing alone. I ping her and she hooks. I turn her around and begin grinding and dirty dancing. She's fully into it.

I keep heating expecting more resistance, but there's full compliance! Ridiculous levels of compliance.

Finally i go for the kiss and there's resistance, so i start kissing the neck. She's aroused and i give it a bite.

I back off  a bit, keep dancing and keep pinging, letting her come to me. She goes off and comes back with her jacket off. And we dance. More escalation. Finally i kiss her and she's up for it. Throws her at me and climbs me. We're making out heavy, real heavy. She's a good kisser - i've to give her that. She removes my T-shirt, and there i am - making out with a woman, half naked on the dance floor. She's impressed with my pecs.

Now she's really aroused, so she starts feeling my cock. But she's not done with it yet. She starts unzipping me right there on the dance floor! I want to push my hands into her pants -  it's too tight, so i'm fingering her pussy with her pants on.

She starts undoing my belt! I'm wary if my pant is going to fall down, so i hold on to it with my left hand. It's very heavy stuff, very bedroom stage.

I notice flashes and realize that other people are filming this shit! What the fuck! I panic a bit, back off and ask her to come with me to the bar. We go, but she starts walking towards the ladies room.

Open hypergamy

I ask her, "Where are you going?"

She's behaving awkwardly. She tells me - "I'm with my man here".


"Here", and i see a man standing right besides me! He's seething with rage, his face resembling that of  an angry cat. She gives him a hug!

(Her man)

I'm dumbfounded. I know of open-hypergamy, but this is just too much. I hear myself saying - "Your.. Man..". My head is spinning.

She waves me bye and i reciprocate.

Other minor details:-

A woman with boyfriend opening me and asking me chode interview mode questions. Seriously, if girls were men, they would be really inferior in the hierarchy; Good that they have a pussy.

Another married woman dirty dancing with me.

Rest is trivial. The beta males thought that i was some kind of a 'playa' based on these results and were fist-bumping and high-fiving me (technically i am, but not based on this result; You get the point).

Learning points:-

These things need to be re-iterated:-

1. If you are alpha fux, here's how much you need to invest to get sex - zero. While this sounds nice, I'm now very perturbed at the prospect of me not being able to get into a relationship this year, because women think of me as a human dildo.

2. Open hypergamy has now gone to insane levels. If you're beta bux, get ready for your girlfriend to give handjobs and blowjobs to other dudes, and coming back to give you a hug - all right in front of you. I would have loved to open your eyes, but i want to bust a nut in your girl's pussy. Or atleast on her face; She would love it if i do it.

3. I'm unsure of my SMV. Now i consider myself a high 6. But increasingly (and with other reference experiences as well), i have very well be a high 7. There's even a possibility of me being a low 8. And this is not trivial, because i used to be massive overweight just six years ago; I feel like being an impostor in my own body.

4. When rollercoaster happens, remind myself of the countless times good things have happened after bad things. In game it never really ends. So follow the process.

Done. Field reports are something which i normally am massively bored of, but this needed to be captured. My wing left me some edibles two days ago, so i'm off to some music, dark souls or porn.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Humdrum gambits

My daygame's coming back as i withdraw from nightgame; Or rather, trying to withdraw. Went to a bar yesterday after 11. Had two women - older. Both of them having a typical eastern european look that us players can read. I did a mix of a discrepancy observational and eastern european cold read, and they hooked.

They were both Czech republican immigrants with shitty jobs. They ask me my age and one remarks that 27 is too young. I take it as a sign of provider hunting coupled with attention whoring, the blonde dragging the brunette out for a night out. More jerkboy game, a number close which will flake. So i decide to practice verbal and teasing a bit. Very layoffish; Maybe they thought i was a fag.

Learned some interesting new stuff. Apparently, the Czech's hate Russians. Apparently, the older generation is still nostalgic about the soviet era - jobs, healthcare, cheap loans for newly wed. I teased i would call them Sasha and Dasha, and they lapped it up.

Rewind back a few hours. A band is playing somewhere under open sky, and a sizable crowd has gathered. I'm however, standing behind them across the street in front of an irish pub, smoking. I notice a black woman, box-braided hair with gold cuffs. I finish my smoke and open with the simplest possible open.

Sorry, but can i ask you something random.. Deadpan face

I think your hairstyle looks very nice.. Bored look.

I was wondering if you're single.. Surprised. Can't contain a smile anymore.

She tells me she isn't and i see a ring. I compliment her once again and leave.

This all was yesterday. Today it's hot. Fucking 103 degrees hot. I feel like i'm in some kind of a desert. Maybe i should buy a camel and a sheikh's hat. Opens will be easy - "Habibi, do you want a ride?" I've got brown skin; maybe i can pull that off.

Why don't i write my lay reports? Cause unlike other guys, i don't get laid with three new girls a month. And mine are not interesting. Same bars. Same wine shops. Same streets. Same bedroom. My stories are in my failures.

Other players are living the dream. Travelling the globe. Doing adventure sports. Having adventure sex. Every new notch is in a new place, a new country; When the girl will moan they will hear a different language. Their vagina will speak the same monologue though.

I have a different dream - an american one. Work 9 to 5. Go to the gym. Do some daygame and some nightgame. Finish dark souls - comparable to daygame in how depressing it can get. Trying to kill Pontiff Sylyvahn and dying for the hundreth time. Maybe i should giveup, but i don't really care anymore. He summons a shadow, but i keep slashing and evading. Eventually, he kills me, but before dying i deliver a lethal blow. We die together. I get a massive surge of adrenaline and dopamine - it's like cocaine.

So why do i keep living this boring life? I come from hell. Fate created me as a creature of clay, and there's only so much i can do. That's why, i appreciate this life differently than most guys who will ever read this; I know this is cryptic, but that's all i can give you for now.

I'm free to do my own thing, and this won't last forever. But until it does, i love the humdrum and i love the play. I'm two faced - I'm clark kent and i'm superman. Or rather, i'm palaptine and i'm darth sirius. I'm the nice guy and i roll the dice when nobody's looking. They do infer things about me, but I let them speculate. Meantime, i remain the black book of wonderful stories.

My life is now a weird uncontrolled experiment. It's fascinating.

Friday, June 2, 2017

My Secret Little Stories

Man : Sorry, can i stop you for a second.
Woman: Yes
Man: Awesome. I think you look nice. Are you single?
Woman: Thanks !!
Man: Single?
Woman: Yes, i am.
Man: Cool. Your hair looks very pretty. Do you work as a hairdresser or something?
Woman: No haha.
Man: Well, it's that pretty....

As i'm doing more solo daygame, i'm experiencing something weird.

That game is just an illusion; There is no rule book.

Sometimes i purposefully violate the tenets of game, but it still works. Sometimes, very beta boyish sets hook. Sometimes bad verbal hooks.

My last date was a borderline maybe-girl; i didn't think that she'd even be coming out. I did a lot of experimental stuff in that date. For instance, i purposefully told her that i want to bang her. Revealed my plan to her in full detail, and what i think is gonna happen. I told her flatly that i didn't find her hotter than a 6, and her expecting anything higher is simply not realistic. I also told her that men will bang anything. I guess you can say, the entire set was a gigantic elephant in the room.

And yet my tongue was rolling inside her mouth in a few minutes. I like kissing soft female lips - maybe it's the romantic in me. I told her that men get women back to their places saying that they'll watch netflix, get the woman drunk and then have sex with them. A few minutes later i told her to chuck her lyft and come with me. I refused to promise her that nothing would happen.

Taking away plausible deniability - She refused and i went home with blue-balls. Not sure why i did all that knowingly, but i had a lot of fun.

But i could also read her. I knew why she didn't come. I had already told her that we may be fucking, but we may not. Given how i tired i was, me not fucking her was a realistic possibility (or maybe not, given how much of a horn-dog i am). But i could see in her eyes - she wouldn't be able to resist if she came back. And she didn't want that.

And despite all this, i felt no resentment. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I'm not gaming for sex anymore it seems. Not sure why i am doing that. Not sure why anyone would want to do that.

Or maybe i'm not gaming for only sex; The very thought of seducing women for fun and not lust is creepy to me, but i have no choice but to acknowledge that i'm doing that on some level. But it's fun as hell; Come to think of it, there's nothing else i find interesting.

Such a kick! When i go back to work on Mondays, coworkers ask me how my weekend was.

 "The usual. I did my laundry and cleaned my room."

There's a mammoth grin on my face and twinkle in my eyes.

Maybe that's all i ever wanted -. My secret little stories.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Denial in Redpill

The redpill community has a classic Kuber-Ross model for unplugging - Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. And trust me, the road to full acceptance is a very long one, perhaps one without an end; Perhaps unplugging is a journey and not a destination.

Denial comes in two main forms in this community : Repudiation and Evasion.


All this redpill stuff is bullshit. Men and Women have same agendas and desires. There is equity in relationships - if i take care of her and treat her right, she will fuck me and not sway when a Clooney rolls by.

This is the most common form of denial which has been talked about a lot in the community, so i won’t elaborate on this. This is most plugged in men - they are at huge risk if they live in the west; That’s all i’ll say on this.


This is a more subtle version of denial and more insidious - If you’re caught, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time, perhaps never make it. And that’s why this needs to be called out. Now.

It goes like this - 

Redpill is not really about women. It’s about becoming better men. It’s realizing your christian/muslim roots. It’s really about creating great businesses. It’s saving the civilization from degenerate rapist hordes. It’s about making <xyz> great again.

These men will do anything except ask the central question - as a man how can i get the most sex and most intimacy, without compromising on my freedom and emotional security?

It’s too much hassle, so i’m just gonna play video games.

This is fine by me.

It’s too much hassle, so i’m just gonna play video games. You fuck faces are getting blown out on the street/club/coffee shops. That’s what game makes you - a looser.

This gets on my nerves. Here’s a few more forms of evasion i can list:-

Gym and fitness

Yup a good physique is a necessity. That’s however not being Ronnie Coleman.

Men don’t understand how less visual women are; They just don’t give a fuck if you have 13 inch biceps and 6 pack abs - If you are not masculine, your chances of getting laid will drop no matter what.

So first understand that all the gym and steroid game is a system. It’s for a certain type of men, with certain type of game and life goals. It’s not necessarily compatible with what you got/want. Heck, you may not even have the genetics for that. Play to your strengths, understand your weaknesses and set your expectations accordingly- how many times does this need repeating?

However, if you think that you’re gonna open the pussy box after a year in gym, you’re mistaken. You will only increase your chances when you cold approach, but you still have to ask.

So if all you’re doing is reading, writing and tweeting about gym without cold approaching, you’ll not make it. I’ve seen men with awesome physique being approached by women, and indeed, i myself have been checked out often by women when i had abs, but the first case is very rare and in the second case none of those women approached me.

Gym is not game.


There are a lot of guys on twitter who will deliberately misconstrue redpill with christianity/islam. 


If you’re redpill polygyny/polygamy is completely acceptable.
Sleeping with married women is completely acceptable.
Sleeping with a mom and her twenty something daughter is completely acceptable.

Before the islamists start clapping, have to remind them that pre-marital sex with their daughters and sisters is also acceptable.

What you traditionalists don’t realize that these systems are all means of control. In the context of the sexual market, these systems had an effect of neutralizing hypergamic nature of women and the resulting male conflicts for a stable civilization. A fine goal in my opinion, though comes with a lot of baggage.

Problem is we don’t live in history and human nature always moves away from constraints towards choices; It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But now that we’ve gone egalitarian, women are never going to go back to “traditionalism ”; It's going to end up being a constraint on men’s sexuality.


Sure, everone’s interested in politics. But if the only thing i see in your twitter are trump tweets, feminists, SJW bashing, brexit, fake news - sorry buddy. You’re just not redpill.

Hypergamy doesn’t give a fuck about who sits in the oval office; If you don’t get your frame down, you’re girlfriend is still going to stop sleeping with you. Doesn’t matter if you two went to a trump rally together.

What has happened is a lot of republican and right-wing dudes have joined the bandwagon.

A lot of leftists are feminists.Since we hate leftists, feminists are our enemies.These redpill guys hate feminism. so these redpill guys are our friends. In fact, redpill must be just evangelican christianity/republican social commentary. So here’s my list of ‘redpilling’ - Second ammendment, pro-life, global warming denial and pro-oil, roll back social security, submissive stay at home women who will cook, clean, stay in shape, never say a word and simply give me good head and fuck me like a slut who’s a sex addict, even though she will be a virgin at marriage.

Yup, this is what is being peddled as redpill. I wonder why these guys don’t move to saudi arabia; Perhaps that’s the ultimate utopia for them.

Genuflecting for monogamy

Can a married man or a man in commited relationship be redpill? Sure he can; In fact this year my goal is to get into one. I’m not very keen on a monogamous one, but i’m still open to the idea.

Problem being a few people seem to work backwords. Say a guy who is in a troubled marriage, finds out about redpill and hypergamy.

Ok, so the wife is salivating over the coworker. God knows maybe she’s banging him. Sure i’ve been with her since five years and have a kid, but hypergamy didn’t care.

It’s a horrible condition to be in, something which i perhaps will never fathom (hopefully). And trust me, i know how being cheated on feels. It burns. It burns in your guts and you stay up nights lonely, angry, crying and smashing your furniture. And if you have kids, then i cannot even imagine how much that pain will be amplified. So what is that guy supposed to do now?

Save his marriage - that’s what he’s supposed to do. He has kids to raise, and if he get’s divorced, they will be taken away from his life. His net worth chopped to 45%. Of course, he should try to salvage his marriage. In fact redpill concepts of frame, dominance hierarchies, polarity, conditionality of intimacy and complimentarity are extremely useful tool in these situations.

But say he succeeds. Good on him, i’m happy for him. But then he says that monogamy is the only legitimate form of intimacy and all men who date multiple women are degenerates.

Marry a good quality girl, maintain frame and all will be well. You guys need to grow up.

Well buddy, it’s stupid to make yourself more vulnerable if you already know female nature; Atleast the chode has a real reason - ignorance. Understand this, you did the right thing by saving your marriage and sharing your life with her. Also understand this - if you are going to turn back time, and you still know the same things that you know today - NOT commiting to the very same woman would be the right thing to do. You are in monogamy not by choice but by ignorance; Stop shaming other men for perfectly legitimate rational choices and guilting them for their biological drives.

Chode Crystals

In the good old days of pickup, there used to be a term called “Chode Crystal”. This was a group of chodes feeding off each other’s reality in order to block out redpill. It was mostly used in the context of repudiating redpill. In fact, people on twitter who’re evading also have a similar signature :-
  • Not cold approaching in real life if they’re single.
  • Tweeting a lot all the time all days.
  • Constant patting each other’s backs for trivialities (Rivelino has a nice hastag for this - #faciletweet).
  • Huge lists of follow recommendations (sometimes entire tweets). This is a groupie signature - the name orders will keep on permuting, but it’s a close group of people marketing each other. And because there are so many mentions of these guys, people mistake that for substantive content. A lot of these guys have nothing substantial to say even if they have a huge number of followers - because they don’t experience the sharp edge of life on a daily basis.

And the single most important feature to identify these people - real misogyny. I now that we tend to roll our eyes, because of the countless times that word has been thrown at us for completly unwarranted reasons. But there is a thing as misogyny. And no, REDPILL IS NOT MISOGYNY. I for a fact love being around women and enjoy them a lot. I also recognize their feral nature; In fact i’ve begun to revel in it.

But this is what the evader thinks

I was nice to the woman and never got anything for that.This asshole got laid like a rockstar his whole life with these same girls.Thus women are cunts and deserve to be treated like that, if i want to get laid. QED

The reality being it’s not about being nice or douche at all. It’s about what works. The moment you apply a moral annotation (niceness/badness) to it, you’ve fallen into a trap (seriously, it’s a tactical issue for your inner-game).

Redpill will lead you into serious streaks of misogyny in the beginning and bring you back from it. But if everything is going correct, your bitterness should in fact go down the more you unplug - that’s why it’s called acceptance. Sure this is not my dream female nature, but i guess i’ll just roll with whatever i have.

But if someone is always talking shit about women, he’s fronting. All women are sluts. Really? Try fucking married women you don’t know and see how easy it goes. Then you’ll realize what it takes to cross the line - for BOTH sides. The reason these guys say these things is that they don’t take action, don’t get positive experiences with women and thus have nothing good to say about them.

If you haven’t seen any woman as a work of art in the last month, you’re not really doing it. You need to take action and embrace the grind. Don’t mistake realism for ever-present harshness; Reality has nothing against you. Killing the beta doesn’t mean killing your emotions. Instead it’s working with them and overriding them if necessary. It’s stronger emotional control.

As a ground rule, see if the content is anti-game; If it is, it’s not redpill. Note that you don’t necessarily have to be a player to write this. A good example being Rollo, who is married and doesn’t write field reports. Yet, find me a single anti-game post or tweet that he has written. That blog is truly redpill.

Consequences of conflating redpill with other things

This has real consequences for men, and that’s why i think more people in the community should write about this.

  • Religious nutters drive their own agendas even when redpill, grounded in evolutionary biology, is the very anti-thesis of religious doctrine. It confuses newbies.
  • Women infiltrating the manosphere, which is supposed to be a male space. There’s a reason that this exists - because men need unbaised, real advice and data. When women enter:-

            - We are now in a sexual market.
            - Male nature in sexual markets is to compete for females.
            - Women won’t give true and effective advice.
            - Men will withold useful information to outcompete other men.
            - Most importantly, men will not feel free to express their masculinity. This is                           important because masculinity grows when it comes out in the open.

Just because someone attaches the name ‘redpill’ in front of her twitter handle, doesn’t mean she’ll be your wingwoman. She’s still the same - a woman. She’ll do nothing to progress your unplugging and in fact hinder it. Listen to them, and you’re on your way to incel hell.

It’s laughable that there’s a documentary by the name ‘redpill’ which has nothing to do with MGTOWs, players, and the biological underpinnings of hypergamy. And that too by a feminist! Here's another one :-

Both genders should stay out of each other’s spaces - and toilets.

  • This has led to more trivialization of the message. Heck, we even have posts on “coffee machines” and our new emerging buzzword (read bullshit) - deep soy. Is this what we want to be known as - advocates against soy?

The situation is so bad, that a lot of genuine womanizers don’t want to associate with redpill anymore. This is unfortunate, because game brings real data and experiences which most men can benefit from. With players retreating, and all these above mentioned agents barging in, data will increasingly become corrupt and the message tarnished. More boys will find themselves helpless, more divorces will happen, more men will loose their children and more men will hang themselves.

Building a business is a huge accomplishment. Doing 30 pull ups is a huge accomplishment. Being a better person is a great accomplishment. It just has nothing to do with redpill.

Saving the civilization only happens when each individual in the civilization saves himself and only himself. Delusions of grandeur don’t convert to reality; Even small changes need huge upheavals of identity.