Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's kinda nice

As long as you don't get married, or have any expectation of monogamy - it's kinda nice.

Collect numbers, go on dates. Get laid. One night stands sometimes.

Then you do whatever you want. Workout. Travel. Learn martial arts. Play video games.

I don't know, but maybe i'll end up making a few friends this year, who are either bluepill or women. Thinking of moving to a different country within a year or so - maybe Canada or Australia. Maybe even New Zealand, just for the hell of it.

It all boils down to how comfortable I am being alone. And i'm pretty comfortable this year.

If you look at it closely, all relationships are transient. My parents moved out of my life and will die in a few decades. If you have siblings, they will move on with their own families. My friends will become different people - I will meet them for drinks when I visit in some random year. Girlfriends and lovers married, in new families, with a few kids (hopefully not mine). Most misery in the human condition comes from our denial of death - death of things, relationships and people; Acceptance can perhaps, clear our heads a bit in this regard.

I will have traveled to a lot of different places, met a lot of different women and fucked a few of them.

I read something about infidelity online and it still boils my blood. Hypocritically, i am myself aiding in some infidelities. Sometimes i hate the world, and sometimes i love it. But on an average, i find myself indifferent.

On the whole, it's kinda nice.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

How does a near-miss feel?

I'm curious - how does a near-miss feel to other men? My own experience is not flattering.

I just had one a few hours ago, and i can still feel it in my body. It stings.

To me, nightgame near misses sting more because - well, i'm tired. You have to do so much in the club in so little a time - yesterday was an 'almost' one night-stand in three hours! Not to mention that i gamed two venues, bounced off to a diner later and then all the LMR. It's exhausting and in the end, you are just left hanging with blue-balls and still smelling her perfume. By the time i'm done, it's 6 Am, i haven't had any sleep and am alone in my bed - happy about the process, the new things i learned and about me rolling the dice in general. But there is a dissatisfaction; a lingering feeling that i deserved the lay and yet such is the nature of game; This is the rock i have to drag up the mountain and watch it tumble down right in front of my eyes, helpless. Like a drowning man.

Fate rolls it's dice, and it all comes down to nothing. And that it will happen again.

Initially i feel helpless. The only point in my game nowadays where i find my frame weakening.

Then there's disappointment. Doing all that work and yet not reaping the rewards.

Then anger. Why do i have to go all through this? Why do men have to grind it out like this? The burden of performance comes alive.

Sometimes hopelessness. The feeling that i should just give up.

Then it's a meh. This has happened before; It's a part of the game; Its ok - you only focus on following the process.

I don't remember precisely, but i think Krauser once mentioned having 20 something near misses in a single year! God! Don't know how he does it. Perhaps with more of these, i will normalize this. Still the mental fatigue is considerable.

The good thing about being a man though is that i don't have to be a slave to my emotions and can simply plough through with action. So it doesn't matter. Feels like a bitch, but still inconsequential.

The game goes on.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Efficacy in game

I'm hoping to make this a quick post. I saw a tweet by rivelino on models of game, and how he thinks it relates to it's efficacy; Piqued my interest.

So i'll have to disagree on that, for a few technical reasons. I won't go into the advanced game part, because i don't consider myself an advanced player.

First, i'm of the opinion that efficacy in game is multi-variate - Sure it does depend on the complexity of the model, but also other things like SMV. And crucially, calibration. A guy who's rolling into the clubs every weekend since two years will simply be able to see a lot of things in set, which a new street-gamer won't. And further, the more one practices a model, the more one finds himself deviating from it in a calibrated way. This is simply infield experience and has got nothing to do with the model.

Second, we should make a distinction between the mystery method as a philosophy and mystery's routines-based training method - essentially a tool to hone calibration. There's a lot of wise and subtle things in the mystery method which gets lost in skimming the book for easy fixes; The philosophy is very sound. For instance, one of my favorite versions is do physical game with mystery method !

Note that there are distinction between some beliefs regarding game, between members of the london daygame community and the old school nightgame puas. For instance, the former believes SMV to be intrinsic to a man's value, whereas the latter believes SMV to be a subjective measure of a man's worth in the woman's head; Still, nothing in LDM negates mystery's philosophy.

Third, I consider LDM to be itself, an extension of the mystery method, but with a twist. Let me explain.

Here's one subplot of M3.

I'm here having fun (drinking, chatting with friends) --> Oh ! There's something interesting i notice about this girl, but why should i waste my time with her --> Hmm, she's interesting; is she normal --> Alright, i guess i'll let her give me her number and get asked out on a date, since she's intrigued me enough.

Here's a subplot in LDM when done in nice-guy mode.

I'm going to work/shopping/meet my friends --> Oh wow, she's interesting; Let's go and chat! --> Cool, she's normal --> She's asking me my details --> Huh? Now that's a bit odd/creepy/strange --> Uh oh, i'm a bit sceptical about this now. Is she really the cool person who i thought she will be? --> Fair enough. So far it looks good. I guess i'll let her give me her number and get asked out on a date, since she's intrigued me enough.

And this is an important point. Both of these model have one goal - MAKE THE GIRL INVEST MORE in the interaction. Why? Because that sets up the frame - I'm not chasing you, you're chasing me. You need me more than i need you. Remember Rollo's cardinal rule of relationships.

In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least.
You are a man for her, only if you are powerful to her (hypergamy - redpill 101); That's getting too much tangential to the topic, but essentially, both these models set up this frame. They do it a different way.

a. Subplot in MM is being progressively more interested. Show less interest first, then more attention as the set progresses (A2 - A3).

b. Subplot in LDM : Show a bit of an interest first, but then withdraw attention in such a way that she ends up investing to get it back, so that the net effect is her investing more (Vibe - Investment).

You see, both models have the same spirit; They are just calibrated differently. The difference lies in the context of being played in a static environment vs a fluid one.

Lastly, in some ways M3 has complicated stuff which you never encounter in LDM because - It's a street; Group theory comes to mind. You can't merge sets because sets don't stay; You have less time to calibrate and thus less information when you open. And thus, the wider daygame funnel. No wonder some great nightgamers consider street game as hacks.

Perhaps the take away being (to be honest, there's not much i think) not to underestimate the mystery method (or any method for that matter). Game has incredible depth, far deeper than what is needed to be competent enough to get laid fairly regularly. If you're doing something that works partly, then keep doing it but try tweaking things for incremental improvement; Do not change your method and your context and let all that calibration go to waste.

There was never an easy game for an average SMV man, and there never will be. Instead, i'd say, try to focus on the beauty of the process and find things what interest you. And then let the chips fall.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Forget others, just better yourself to be happy

"That's fine, for I shall show that it isn't positions which lend men distinction, but men who enhance positions."
-- Leonidas (Agiad King, 491-480, Killed at Battle of Thermopylae)

The right question to ask is - can you do better?

Don't worry about what others are doing, or atleast try not to. Every one of us is a roll of dice, other people's choices, our own and finally, also a bit of absurdity thrown in; Different like grains of sand. There has never been anyone like us and there will never be, our situations and history being unique to us.

Other people can tell us their stories and suggest clues to solve our own riddles, but the answer will be something unique to us. Envy won't help us, and neither will defeatism. Even if for a moment, if we can assume that the human mind is capable of absolute happiness, there will be only one man who can achieve that in the whole world - the one at the top of the pyramid. Everyone else will have someone above him in hierarchy; Someone who is better than you, separated by immovable walls which you cannot surmount. You cannot overcome - no matter how hard you work out, how hard you game, how many plates you spin, how much money you make. You cannot prove that you're better than him because you can't be better than him. And the worst thing being, you already know that in your heart.

Your search for validation is a fool's errand. You see, you were never happy because you achieved something. Had your first game lay. Had your first SDL (even though you still sometimes think that it was a coincidence). The enormous pleasure you felt when you tasted the sweet nectar of a jealous girl for the first time in your life - you had become a commodity! Heck, the first time you had sex! You had a lot of firsts, and each time it was exhilarating. Yet now, right now, is it any different than any other moment of your life? Where did that enthusiasm sublimate to?

The secret to your happiness was always you overcoming yourself; Making yourself better before going to sleep than the version which woke up a few hours earlier. As long as you keep pushing, and find something to win against, everyday - you will remain happy. Or more precisely, and perhaps even better - Eudaemonic.

Never ask yourself how you can be better than him; Always, how you can better yourself. Your ruler should be you and no one else. Yes, you do look back and regret the time lost; The chances not taken, the dices not rolled. You also feel bad about your own mistakes. But that's still ok, because you just need to be better than what you woke up to.

You keep walking your journey of a thousand miles. As long as you put a step forward, you are good. That's all you should care about, cause everyone goes to the same place. Perhaps that's the best consolation, the only certainty - makes you wanna live a meaningful life.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Game tip #3: "What about yourself?"

Reach hook point.

Wait for her to ask a question.

Answer it.

Then ask, "What about yourself?"

Listen to her.

Pick your stack words from what she says and create another stack.  Frame it mildly negative and ask her to qualify to your statements. She does. Reward her.

Now be silent; Let her break it. Because she doesn't have much game, she's gonna ask a question.

Answer it.

Then ask, "What about yourself?"

Repeat once more. Create a shorter stack and talk less.

Move on to close/bounce.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A thief on the streets

It came to me when i was street gaming an hour ago. There's this peculiar feel, a feel of disconnectedness when i game solo. Of separation. Of us vs them. A strange kind of tribalism. Like an impostor.

I could never pin it down. An alien in a human suit? Didn't feel right.

Today i finally got it. I finally realized, no, i finally saw what i am. A thief. A pussy thief on the streets. I'm Aladdin and game is my genie. The Artful dodger.

I steal pussy from women, and then their husbands/boyfriends look for me. But i've disappeared into thin air, vanished. Another mark, an increment of a number. Brothers, who are like me, but yet not my brothers - for it is my duty to thieve them as well: Solidarity with a dagger.

I walk with a grin on my face. People ponder, but they won't know what hit them. And i'll have another secret story to cherish.

Attribution problem in game community

I'm re-reading, ruminating and experimenting with Mystery method, or rather bits and pieces of it; This video by Todd inspired me: Sure he is purple pill, but his game advice and game teaching is one of the best in business.

And i find it fascinating that I missed so much. Probably because i didn't read it carefully and slowly to understand the philosophy of why things work the way they work, and what problems were they intended to solve. I was looking for quick fixes when i began, and had zero interest in game as a process - an outlook which is completely opposite to what i think today. Maybe field experience helped. All in all i find this process to be very enjoyable; Indeed - Mystery and his other collaborators were very wise men.

There's a problem however. A lot of stuff which we see in modern pickup literature is changing existing methods in three different ways :-

  1. Re-branded and true. This is done for pure business purposes. Relatively harmless but still creates confusion.
  2. Re-branded and tweaked. This is a bit more insidious, because now, you would have to validate if the tweak hurts your results. I have begun to consider RSD Tim's 'natural game' to be one of these.
  3. Suspect. The concept of universal fractionation being more fundamental than stages of M3+ models is what i would place in this category.

This is a problem.Why?

Take #1. If you have to read two things which are the same but presented to you in completely different language and explained as different phenomenology, then the beginner will have no way to distinguish between them. The net result - confusion: Which method is better? Which method will work for me? Do i know enough? Not good.

Now consider #2. This needs to happen, but if not attributed, then people cannot benefit from the older literature and other expositions of it. Take Tim's natural game. I used to consider it completely independent of M3 till a few months ago. The thing is, you can't get reliable results using natural game; You will need to use it with M3. The truth is, natural game will become an inner game extension of mystery method.

Let's take #3. This one is closer to home. In Badass Buddha for instance, Tom Torero seems to imply that game reduces to harmonizing attraction, comfort and seduction; He seems to do away with the linear nature of game models. Now, i have mad respect for Tom, especially because of his excellent teaching skills, but i think this is wrong. In fact, in TMM, mystery warns us against this very stuff. Sequencing of game-phases is important and not subject to change. Tom does mention the need to simplify game for beginners in his product (which i recommend to people), but i wonder whether the cost of changing fundamentals for improved pedagogy is justified.

I wish people in the player community who are professionals, attribute older stuff when they are writing it. Or if it's some new content which has been independently conceived somewhere else, then they should reference it later. Maybe this is an unrealistic business expectation on my part (for marketing reasons), but this adds to the integrity of our literature and allows for better valuation, and repudiation of concepts; That's why this is mandatory in science!

Hopefully more people start doing that. If the readers of this blog ever realize that something should be attributed, then feel free to let me know. I will reference them in the post.